frequently asked questions

How many guest rooms are available at The Federal Inn?

There are 3 guest rooms available for a night's stay at The Federal Inn. Those rooms are The Lawton Lair, The Heywood Haven, and the Nell Nicks Nook.

Does each guest room have a private bathroom?

The Lawton Lair guest room has a private bathroom in the room, where as They Heywood Haven and The Nell Nicks Nook have a shared bathroom across the hall from both guest rooms.

Is breakfast included?

Yes, a gourmet breakfast is included with your stay at the Inn each morning. Breakfast is served by the Innkeeper in either the screened porch or formal dining room. Typically, breakfast is served between 9 - 9:30 am. If you have food sensitivities or allergies, please let us know prior to your stay by emailing

Is there parking available?

Yes, both street parking and private parking if available for guests. Street parking is free, and private parking is available in the rear of the property.

What about group booking rates?

Group booking rates are available at The Federal Inn, please email for more information.

Can we bring friends or family over to the Inn during our stay?

While we'd love to accommodate everyone, unfortunately if not they aren't a guest at the Inn, friends and family are not permitted at the Inn.

Does the Innkeeper live on site?

Yes, the innkeeper lives on site and is available for any questions or concerns throughout your stay.

Are there any bedrooms available on the first floor of the Inn?

Due to the age of the home, all guest rooms are on the second level of the floor. Please be advised, that guests have to climb steps to get to their guest room accommodations.

Where is the Inn located?

The Inn is 2 miles from the Toll Road exit on Reynolds Road, and 2 miles away from i-475 for easy access for those traveling here by car. The Inn is situated 2 blocks from the Uptown Maumee area, short walking distance to coffee shops, boutiques, and taverns.

I'm having difficulty booking a room.

We apologize for the confusion! If having difficulty booking a stay, please call (419) 206-2528 to double check availability.

Are you open during the holidays?

Yes! We're open during the holidays.